La Papesse Atelier. Corporate Image Advisory

Image-appropriateness has become a significantly challenging issue for corporations as more millennials are being hired to replace the  number of Baby-Boomers and Gen X'ers retiring. Corporate-style, historically, was conservative. Panty-hose and closed-toe shoes were  the business standard but they have, in many organizations, been replaced with less-formal and often times, provocative attire.  

The importance of image and thoughtful representation of any entity should never be  replaced by comfort and trendiness.  Credible businesses know that branding and image expand further than the confines of the company itself and their boardroom.  Employees are the face of the organization and their appearance greatly impacts it's reputation and a client's first and lasting impression.

The LPA design team is reintroducing class into business, irrespective of industry.  As an organization or it's board, you define your corporate image and we will create a customized business plan for consulting either at the group or individual-level.

If you are a former-executive looking to re-establish yourself professionally or a recent collage graduate seeking personal image-styling, please let us pilot you into making smart-choices.  We will keep you true-to-yourself, within the confines of relevant, stylish and appropriate.